Braised Spare Ribs- Summer Edition

Braising, Dinner | May 21, 2008 | By

Mark Bittman Beef Ribs

For the past six months I’ve been sort of obsessed with braising meat. I love the fact that you can take inexpensive cuts of meat and turn them into succulent and amazing dishes. Now that Summer is here, I’ve been noticing lots of recipes that call for braising meat BEFORE placing them on the barbie.

I totally love that! What results is tender and moist on the inside (because of the braise), and a crunchy, smoky crust on the outside (from the grill). Mark Bittman has this great article and video on the NY Times website on how to do this. The technique can also be replicated using a broiler instead of a grill, but with Summer here, why bother with the broiler? Braise away!

Thrice Cooked Spare Ribs – NY Times