Mark’s Cape Cod Cheeseburgers

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Our friend Mark made these delicious burgers yesterday. We’re vacationing in P-Town and instead of going out to lunch, Mark decided to make us some burgers.

Recipe after the jump…

Mark’s Cape Cod Cheeseburger

This recipe makes 8 burger patties

3 pounds of 80% lean Ground Beef
White Vermont Extra Sharp Sliced Cheddar Cheese
Your favorite Seeded Burger Buns
Grilled Yellow Onions
Sliced Tomatoes on the Vine
Red Lettuce
Condiments of Choice

Mark says that it’s important to use 80% lean beef because burgers will otherwise dry out and be tough. Form the patties into eight equal size patties by lightly forming and rounding the edges. Wait until the charcoal has a uniform gray covering and grill burgers. Do not move burgers until the first side is correctly cooked. Patties are ready to flip when half of the patty appears cooked. Flip burgers and immediately place TWO slices of cheese on each patty. On the outside edges of the grill place and toast the burger buns. Make sure to rotate buns to prevent them from toasting unevenly. Buns are tastier when they have a medium brown coloring.

Patties are done when cheese has melted and wrapped burger patty. Remove burgers from grill and rest for 1 minute. Prepare burgers by placing a patty on top of toasted bun. Add grilled onions and condiments to taste. Enjoy!


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