How To Use A Reflector To Improve Your Food Photographs

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By Danny

using a reflector

Easy Way To Improve Your Photos

Using a reflector is one of the easiest and simplest ways to improve your photographs, food or otherwise. I bought a small folding reflector from my local camera shop, but you could easily use a white piece of foamboard, cardboard, presentation board, or anything that is flat, rigid, and white.

More On How To Use The Reflector After The Jump…

placement of reflector

Placement Is Key!

The most important aspect of using the reflector is the placement! A reflector is used to minimize dark shadow areas of the object being photographed, and the way that is done is by placing the reflector facing the source of light.

In the picture above, the reflector is placed to the right of the bowl of lemons because the light source(the window) is coming from the left hand side. This way the light travels from left to right, hits the reflector, and bounces back to the left, filling the shadow side of the bowl of lemons. As you can see, my set up is not elaborate at all. I use two jars of jam to hold the reflector up, so no fancy equipment on my end! Yet, using a reflector is a technique that always delivers better quality images. Check out the with and without images below to see how the reflector affects the image.