Best Trader Joe’s Product – Mirepoix

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banana cakeBy Danny



I love making soup during the fall and winter. Soup meets my two criteria of cooking: Must be simple, and it must be classic. The only thing that sometimes prevents me from making it is chopping vegetables to make Mirepoix. I know, I’m lazy. But I really hate chopping…..but now I don’t have too! Chop, that is.

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Great Base For A Soup

Mirepoix is the classic combination of chopped carrots, onions, and celery. It is used as the base of many recipes, most often soups and sauces. Trader Joe’s makes this pre-chopped combination and I completely love it! Making soup is even easier now. I used this product to make this super easy PEA SOUP and this delicious GREEN LENTILS WITH CARROTS AND THYME!

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