How To Make A Perfect Glass of Iced Coffee

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Perfect Iced Coffee

Now that the Summer heat is finally here there is nothing better than a delicious glass of iced coffee…..unless of course I’m having a cocktail, but that’s a different post!

The perfect glass of iced coffee is really rather simple to make, but it does require three distinct elements.

The secret to a perfect glass of iced coffee in second part of post…

Cold Brewed, Coffee Ice Cubes, and Simple Syrup

These three elements make the perfect glass of iced coffee because each element adds something to the flavor of the coffee.

Cold Brewing

Cold brewing the coffee in a french press releases a complex network of flavors that otherwise would be ruined by hot brewing the beans

Coffee Ice Cubes

Coffee ice cubes prevent the drink from watering down as the ice melts, ensuring that your drink stays potent and cold.

Simple Syrup

And finally, simple syrup ensures that the sugar dissolves into the coffee. There is nothing worse than sugar granules that don’t dissolve and sink to the bottom of the glass.

It really is that simple!

Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee

(adapted from the NY Times)

1/3 cup ground coffee (medium-coarse grind is best)
1 1/2 cups water

In a french press, stir together coffee and 1 1/2 cups water. Cover and let rest at room temperature overnight or 12 hours.

Push french press plunger down to strain. In a tall glass filled with ice, mix equal parts coffee concentrate and water, or to taste.


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    July 10, 2009

    Coffee ice cubes — GREAT idea!! I am so doing this. 🙂

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    July 10, 2009

    Anita…I know huh? I keep a tray in my freezer…refill it with left over coffee from the morning!

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    July 10, 2009

    My mom was so ahead of the iced coffee times. She was rockin' the coffee ice cubes in the early 80's…hand to God. It's genius!

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    July 11, 2009

    My favorite is the coffee ice cubes, it really made my iced coffee go from okay, to great.

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    July 11, 2009

    awesome. I just set up my french press for cold brewed coffee in the morning. Yay!

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    July 11, 2009

    thanks everyone!

    I agree with all of you…I personally think using the french press and coffee ice cubes is the best part!

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    July 11, 2009

    I had this discussion with my husband recently, the idea of cold brewing coffee, similar in some ways to how one might brew tea. He pooh-poohed the idea, claiming that heat is what is necessary to brew coffee. I'm going to print your post and show it to him! However, he did remark that coffee ice cubes are the real trick, so I'll give him points for that. (And we always have simple syrup on hand.)

    Anyway, I found you through Tastespotting and wanted to personally invite you to check out my new site which is devoted to food photos which have been rejected from the other sites. You'll find the address below. I hope you swing by and check it out; it's a lot of fun!


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    July 11, 2009

    thanks casey. Make sure you show your husband the NY Times article…there's a link to it in the post. HUGE difference in cold brewing. the main difference is that the heat from hot water causes the bitter taste in coffee. when you cold brew, the bitter taste is eliminated!

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    July 11, 2009

    Or, take a nod from this tiny place called "Asia", and replace Simple Syrup with Condensed Milk. 😉

    YaunYang, sooooo good….

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    July 17, 2009

    Yes, word on the condensed milk, that is so delicious, I use it hot coffee as well.

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    Species: Cheekius_Geekus
    August 19, 2009

    Just a suggestion for those interested… try some Single Origin Ethiopian Harrar for iced coffee drinks (Archer brand at Target is readily available, for example.) It is very smooth and unlike some coffees tastes even better as it's temperature drops!

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    Benjamin Ellison
    August 27, 2009

    @tastestopping — there are definitely some reactions that occur & volatiles released when the heat reaches certain temperatures, and they all go toward making the perfect smelling & tasting cup of *hot* coffee… and aren't really necessary for a cup of cold coffee.
    Hmm… I've never tried heating up a cup of cold-brewed coffee to see how it compares to a hot-brew.

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    cialis online
    November 24, 2011

    This looks like my kind of summer drink! It’s just like how I make my hot coffee, minus the ice. Now that it is so hot out, I’ll have to try this cool version. Beautiful pictures too. Thanks for sharing.

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    January 4, 2012

    I've never thought of making such an iced coffee. I'm just glad you shared this recipe to us. Thanks!

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