How To Keep Herbs Fresh, Longer

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Make A Fresh Herb Bouquet

It’s a recession. I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to pinch every penny I have. Recently I bought three glass jars at the thrift store for 35 cents each and planned on using them for outdoor candles except Michael got a hold of one them.

When I popped into the kitchen, Michael had filled it with water and placed all of our herbs inside of it. “It’ll keep ’em fresh and make the kitchen look pretty!” he said. I was a bit dubious that it would work. I mean sure, the kitchen would look nice with a nice green bouquet on the counter, but would it keep them fresh, longer?

It sure did. The herbs remained crisp and green when they would’ve wilted and softened in the refrigerator. So if you want to keep fresh herbs longer, place them in a glass or vase filled with water.