Raw Kale Salad With Blue Cheese and Sweet Balsamic Vinaigrette

Salad | June 2, 2011 | By

Raw Kale Salad

Raw Kale Salad With Blue Cheese

I finally got around to harvesting the last of my heirloom Kale today and decided to make a raw kale salad with blue cheese. I made the mistake of not planting enough so I’ve been saving these four bunches specifically to make this salad.

The key to this simple salad is to roll the kale leaves and thinly slice them. Raw Kale can be a bit woodsy, so slicing it super thin is really crucial. Also, I make my standard balsamic vinaigrette for this only I add a pinch of sugar specifically for this salad. The slightly sweeter vinaigrette pairs really well with the subtle bitterness of the raw Kale.

Lastly, I made sure to crumble a large amount of blue cheese to top it all off.  Crisp, refreshing, and bold, this salad is a perfect way to end my Spring harvest and welcome in the new Summer crops!