Handmade Pasta With Chorizo, Kale, And Cannellini Beans

Pasta | July 6, 2011 | By

Pasta tossed with a few ingredients is one of my favorite Summer meals.  I’ve never been a big fan of heavy tomato sauces so it only makes sens that I’d gravitate toward a pasta dish like this.  I made this recipe by modifying this Martha Stewart recipe for Pasta with Kale and Bacon.

While Martha’s recipe sounded perfectly yummy I wanted to make it just a bit more special by trying my hand at making my own pasta.  While not an every night kind of thing, making my own pasta turned out to be fun and simple, adding a nice complex bite to the dish.

I rounded out the recipe by substituting my own homemade Chorizo for the bacon and adding Cannellini beans and grated Gruyere cheese.  Tossed together with a bit of pasta water, this type of “sauceless” pasta is the perfect type of meal for a Summer evening.