Best Bloody Mary Recipe

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**UPDATE – I’ve recently perfected my bloody mary recipe.  The new bloody mary recipe can be found here. (1/04/2011)

Brunch this past weekend was made all the better by these fantastic Bloody Mary’s! This is the all-time best bloody mary recipe I’ve ever tried. It’s a perfect combination of hearty ingredients, spice, and tartness. Try some this weekend! Oh, and yes, this is yet again, a successful Barefoot Contessa recipe. 


3 large stalks celery from the heart, including leaves, plus extra for serving
36 ounces tomato juice (recommended: Sacramento)
2 teaspoons prepared horseradish
1 teaspoon grated yellow onion
1 lemon, juiced
1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1/2 teaspoon celery salt
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
12 dashes hot sauce (recommended: Tabasco), or to taste
1 1/2 cups vodka


Cut the celery in large dice, including the leaves, and puree in the bowl of a food processor fitted with the steel blade. Process until finely minced. In a large pitcher, combine the rest of the ingredients except the vodka. With the food processor running, pour 1/4 of the tomato juice mixture into the food processor through the feed tube. Then pour the contents of the food processor into the pitcher with the remaining tomato juice mixture. Add the vodka and chill. Serve in tall glasses over ice with a stick of celery.

Easy Simple Syrup Recipe

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simple syrup recipe

Classic and Simple

There’s nothing more simple and classic than simple syrup. It’s such a basic, yet essential ingredient. Simple syrup is used when making cocktails that call for a sweetener. You know how sometimes, when you add sugar to cold liquid, it doesn’t really dissolve? THAT’S when simple syrup comes in handy. You see, simple syrup is nothing but dissolved sugar. Mix it with lemon juice and you have home made sweet and sour mix which is perfect for WHISKEY SOURS! Try using lime juice instead of lemons and mix it with cointreau and tequila for a perfect Margarita! I make a batch and keep it in a plastic squeeze bottle!

Simple Syrup Recipe

1 part sugar
1 part water

Place water and sugar in a sauce pan and heat over medium heat until all the sugar is dissolved. It usually takes a couple of minutes and you can tell when it’s done because the liquid turns crystal clear! Once it dissolves let it cool and it’s ready to use!

Making Spanish Sangria!

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banana cakeBy Danny

red wine sangria

Best Sangria Recipe


I’m usually not a huge sangria fan. I tend to find that most sangria recipes call for way too much sugar for my taste. So when Michael suggested we make sangria for our recent cocktail party, I wasn’t too excited. Boy was I wrong! Michael found this great recipe and it was really excellent. Not too sweet, and just the right amount of tartness. This is perfect for a party because you can make it a day before…it actually gets better with time!

Red Wine Sangria Recipe

* 2 bottles red Spanish table wine
* 1 cup brandy
* 1/2 cup triple sec
* 1 cup orange juice
* 1 cup pomegranate juice
* 1/2 cup simple syrup, or more to taste (equal parts sugar and water, heated until sugar dissolves, cooled)
* Orange slices
* Apple slices
* Blackberries
* Pomegranate seeds


Mix all ingredients together and let stand in a tightly sealed container or pitcher for at least 24 hours in the refrigerator before serving.

Recipe found on Food network

Muddled Margaritas with Chili-Salt Rim

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Delicious Twist On A Classic

Margaritas are one of my favorite drinks! For my birthday weekend in Palm Springs, Foodbuzz selected my meal as one of 24 meals for their 24,24,24 sponsored event and Margaritas were the drink of choice! Read the original post HERE.

These margaritas are special because they are made one at a time, with fresh ingredients, and feature a fiery chili-salt rim! If you are looking to make a large batch of margaritas, check out this great MARGARITA RECIPE…it’s perfect for parties!


Recipe below makes one Margarita

1/3 cup Patron Tequila (don’t even bother using the cheap stuff!)
1/4 cup triple sec
1/4 cup fresh lime juice
2 tbls simple syrup
1 slice orange
1 slice lime
1/2 cup chili-salt (this can be found in latin/mexican markets. You can also make your own by combining cayenne pepper and kosher salt.)


Take a slice of lime and rub it along the rim of an old fashioned cocktail glass. Place the chili-salt on a saucer plate and spread out. Take the cocktail glass and flip it over so that the rim is facing down and lightly tap the rim of the glass on to the chili-salt, making sure the rim gets completely covered.

Next, place an orange and lime slice in the bottom of the glass, fill with ice, and with a spoon or muddler, mash the slices to release their juices. Add remaining ingredients and top off with water. Enjoy! The ingredients can be adjusted according to your taste…add more simple syrup if you like them sweeter, more lime juice if you like them tart, etc. etc.

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